Guillaume Grando a.k.a. SupaKitch, plastic artist.

Native of Bagnolet, SupaKitch lives and works in Biarritz with his wife Koralie,

who is an artist herself. At the end of the 90’s, he began to mix different ma-
terials on walls, such as, aerosol spray, paintbrush, stencil, collage or printed

circuit board.

Originating from the graffiti movement where the choice of the wall or back-
ground plays an essential role, in 2016 SupaKitch began to create his own resin

surfaces embellished with divers patterns. These patterns remind the marbling
of the ocean and the textures of the elements. Gold leaf is used to enhance the

sun’s reflections. Through the technique borrowed from surfboards’ crafts-
manship, SupaKitch likes being surprised by the coincident moment when art

takes its course. The surface becomes an object that can be cut and hereby
created a rhythm in the composition, which leads to frozen resin movements.
Multidisciplinary artist, SupaKitch doesn’t limit his ideas to one medium. Tools
and frames change according to his reflections and regarding each unique
project: wall paintings, canvas, tinted resin, gold leaf, marble, brass, ink on
paper and tattoos done in Paris, New York, Los Angeles, Mexico and Berlin.

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